Cascade Conducting Master Class 2020 Application

If you would like to participate in the 3rd annual Cascade Conducting Master Class, please apply for consideration using the form below.  If you are applying as a full participant, the application deadline is May 1.  14 full participants will be chosen by May 17. Please indicate in your essay if you are interested in conducting one of the six new compositions by the Composers Workshop participations.

Auditor applications are due June 1.  Auditors do not need to submit videos or an essay but are required to include a resume if they would like to play in the orchestra.

Cascade Composer’s Workshop 2020 Application

To apply for the composer’s workshop, please use the composer application here ↪

Compositions written by the six chosen Composers Workshop participants will be performed at a special reading concert in Lagerquist Hall on Sunday, June 21.  Six conductors will be chosen to conduct the original compositions.  

Event Pricing for Cascade Conducting Masterclass:
Application Fee – $50
Full participant – $1650
Conducting Auditor – $550

A $300 discount will be given to full participants and a $200 discount will be given to auditors who are chosen to play in the orchestra. Please list your instrument and whether you are interested in playing with the orchestra. Auditors and participants who wish to play in the orchestra will be chosen based on their resume and the needs of the orchestra. Videos or recordings may be asked for.

Being chosen to play in the orchestra is considered beneficial to participants and auditors both financially and musically…

“Having participated in many conducting courses as a young conductor I especially felt the benefit of learning from within the orchestra. Communication skills that develop within the conductor from the perspective of a musician playing in the orchestra give a deep level of understanding and insight into what is needed from the conductor on the podium. Then when you step out of the orchestra onto the podium you have that perspective of the needs of the musicians in the orchestra, the communication necessary, the breathing and inspiration that can be provided from the conductor, preparation and cues that are helpful, or unhelpful and on the list goes endlessly.

When I consider how many great conductors came from seats in the orchestra, I believe the insight from within in the orchestra is a highly valuable part of a conductors training. We highly encourage participants and auditors to submit an instrumental resume as we believe this will enhance the experience in many ways.” ~ Sarah Ioannides 

Register for continuing education credits through Pacific Lutheran University here.

Once you have submitted the application form, please pay the $50 registration fee via PayPal or send a check to:

Cascade Conducting
2839 NW 73rd St.
Seattle WA, 98117

Make checks out to Orquesta Northwest/Cascade Conducting with “Casade Conducting” in the memo.

Application Fee50.00 USD
Payment confirmation will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.