Cascade Online Seminars

Four online seminar courses, taught by Maestra Sarah Ioannides, will be offered beginning in October. Seminars will be conducted through Zoom.

To register for a full seminar or a single class, email and be sure to specify which class or classes you would like to register for. If there is space available in the class, you will receive confirmation of your registration, along with instructions for how to enter through Zoom, and payment instructions. Conductors may register for as many seminars as they choose.

Classes being offered are:

Techniques of Conducting

The first class of the day, this seminar will be the most physically engaging with focus on-

  • Routine warmups
  • Staying in Shape & getting ready to go back on the podium
  • Baton Technique
  • Beating patterns and subdivisions
  • Internal momentum & fermatas
  • Training hand independence
  • Q & A on scores regarding technique
  • Score study questions

Full Six Week Course (paid in advance)- $360

Single Class- $70

Polish Your Podium Skills (developing conductors)

This class has been crafted by Maestra Ioannides with intermediate level conductors in mind, and will focus on-

  • Developing opportunities and finding more podium time. 
  • What skills are needed for Opera and how to prepare yourself for this side of the field (in brief) Preparing for recitative conducting. (If time: A look at some standard recitatives in different styles – this can lead to the Cascade Online which will go into more depth)
  • How to be efficient with rehearsal time. Crafting a successful rehearsal schedule.
  • Building your authority and trust with musicians,
  • Striking the right balance & inspiring your musicians
  • What is the best rehearsal technique for your orchestra or differing circumstances?
  • A look at your individual skills. What have you got, what do you need and how to move forward towards securing a position in the field. 
  • Public speaking as a conductor.

Full Six Week Class (paid in advance)- $450

Single Class- $85

Classes for Emerging Conductors (advanced)

This seminar has been shaped for conductors just entering or already in the professional conducting field and will cover-

  • Strategies for career development. 
  • Making and meeting personal goals with focus and determination. 
  • Developing opportunities in the field. 
  • Stylistic approaches to the repertoire 
  • Rehearsal techniques in professional settings 
  • Find and challenge your artistry conductor vs. academic presentation on the podium. 
  • Programming! – Know your orchestra and your audience
  • Study techniques for an intense schedule
  • Test my skills and knowledge. Am I ready?
  • On and off podium presentation and responsibilities

Full Six Week Class (paid in advance)- $450

Single Class- $85

Women Conductors

This special class has been designed specifically for women with children or who are looking to start a family. All women are invited to register however, as well as men who are interested in learning about family/work balance. Topics that will be covered include-

  • Scheduling work demands with children (from study to meetings to sleep)
  • Maintaining good strength and fitness pre and post pregnancy
  • Handling inappropriateness
  • Developing and maintaining support systems 
  • Essentials of conducting while pregnant
  • Travelling for work with small children & infants
  • Retune and refine the balance for work and parenting
  • General 1:1 personalized coaching for women conductors
  • Strategies for career growth while fostering family life

Full Six Week Class (paid in advance)- $450

Single Class- $85

Please email with questions, and to apply.