The Cascade Conducting Fellowship

The Cascade Conducting Fellowship is a full scholarship that will be awarded to an applicant of outstanding ability.  The Cascade Conducting fellow will be responsible for assisting Sarah Ioannides during the masterclass, including leading one round table session for masterclass auditors.  The recipient of the 2019 Cascade Conducting Fellowship will be announced shortly after the April 15th application deadline.

The Orquesta Northwest Full Scholarship for an Exceptional Latino Conductor

The Orquesta Northwest full scholarship for one exceptional conductor who identifies as Latino.  This scholarship will be partially need based and partially merit based.  The recipient of the BCO full scholarship for exceptional Latino conductor will be announced shortly after the May 1st application deadline.

Partial Scholarships

Cascade Conducting is planning to offer 2-4 partial scholarships.  Among these will be a scholarship for a female conductor, and a scholarship for a local conductor.