Orquesta Northwest

Fellowships and Scholarships


Cascade Conducting is officially a program of Orquesta Northwest, a Latino Arts and Culture organization based in Seattle. Orquesta Northwest's mission is to build diverse and inclusive programs, events, and performances in the Pacific Northwest.

Cascade Conducting is also thrilled to have the support of several anonymous donors that have made possible the African American Scholarship, and the Cascade Conducting Fellowship.  Financial aid may also be made available.

Apply for scholarships through the application process.

Orchestral Masterclass Scholarships

The Cascade Conducting Fellowship

The Orquesta Northwest Fellowship for a Latinx Conductor

The Cascade Fellowship for an African American Conductor

The Cascade Fellowship for a Female Conductor

Choral Masterclass Scholarships

Six partial scholarships for outstanding BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) conductors will be provided for the Cascade Conducting Choral Masterclass with Geoffrey Boers.  

Composers Workshop Scholarships

Details coming soon!