The Composers Workshop

David Ludwig

Cascade Composing is a composition program headed by David Serkin Ludwig. The 2022 composer's workshop is open to three outstanding composer's chosen by David and Cascade Composing. These composers will have the opportunity to work with David virtually in the weeks leading up to the Cascade Conducting Masterclass, as well as during the Masterclass itself.

Composers from the 2022 class will also have the opportunity to connect with conductors, musicians, and professors from the 5th Annual Cascade Conducting Masterclass with Sarah Ioannides, and the first Cascade Conducting Choral Masterclass with Geoffrey Boers. Works created by composers attending the 2022 Cascade Composing Workshop will have their pieces performed by the Cascade Conducting Orchestra during the 2023 Masterclass, under the baton of talented participants from the 6th Annual Cascade Conducting Masterclass with Sarah Ioannides.

Watch Cascade Conductors from the 4th Annual Masterclass lead Symphony Tacoma in performances of Cascade Composers' original works in "The Final Conquest."